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10 Low-cost Construction Materials For A Budget-friendly Dream Home

10 Low-cost Construction Materials For A Budget-friendly Dream Home

From concrete to paint and from cement to lumber, the cost of everything that goes into building construction in India is soaring. There are many variables at play here, the losses incurred during the pandemic and the shortage of materials, in general, being the most probable ones.

The pressure of an ever-increasing inflation rate is percolating through every sector of the Indian economy, and construction is no exception. "Is it impossible to get good material without breaking my budget?", the burning question that every Indian investing in construction is asking today.

While there is certainly a problem at hand, luckily, many construction materials are high in quality and reasonable in rate. Want to know what materials are used to build a house in cities on a budget? Come, let's find out!

Top 10 Affordable Construction Materials in India

  • Recycled Wood

Being among the oldest building materials, Wood is still predominantly in use in the construction market. But what's really changed here is that old wooden building stuff is no longer considered redundant or worthless.

Instead, businesses are working towards recycling old wood and combing it to give it the lost rigor. The affordable prices simply make them irresistible.

  • Concrete Sheets

Not just affordable, concrete sheets are also very convenient building construction materials. A mixture of cement and cellulose fibers given the shape of a flat board is what forms a concrete sheet.

These sheets are excellent at resisting moisture and don't require any elaborate maintenance either. Use it as a replacement for drywall or as a flooring underlay, and be rest assured that you won't need repairs or mends anytime soon.

  • Corrugated Metal

Those large sheets with a wavy metal cover that you see on rooftops are called corrugated metal.

Surprisingly, these are available at very affordable rates and do find utility in contemporary building designs. Using them for interiors is usually recommended as there's always a risk of rusting in the outdoors.

So, incorporate them around kitchen counters, ceilings, backyard walls, etc., and ditch expensive metal quickly.

  • Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are designed to be sturdy and weather-proof. So, home construction companies are procuring big shipping containers readily and redesigning them to build affordable homes.

Since raw material costs are reduced significantly, the use of shipping containers as house construction elements is a gainful idea for affordable housing.

  • Used Bricks

Used brick doesn't lose much of its vigor, but it's undoubtedly cheaper than new brick. In addition, you can use it safely to build small walls, panels, fire pits, etc.

The appearance is surely not as alluring as a new one with the quintessential brick red color, but you always have the option to go for repainting.

  • Laminated Bamboo

The infamous 'poor man's lumber’ is now being recognized as a remarkably tough, flexible, and eco-friendly building material. Of course, bamboo has always been a budget-friendly alternative for house construction, but it didn't really get as popular as it should have been.

However, the only thing to consider is that one should select bamboo harvested at a particular point of its growth cycle for building purposes. Therefore, seeking expert advice on the same will be a better idea.

  • Iron Beams

Readymade iron beams are still available at reasonable prices. They offer the required degree of strength to your home design while also adding modish inclusion to the interiors.

It can prove to be the best material for house construction in India in times to come.

  • Natural Stones

Make no mistake, natural stone used in the right way is second to none when giving excellent density and strength to your house. Further, since it is very easy to procure, the prices of natural stone for construction are meager, with transportation being the only expensive part.

  • Cork Tiles

Owing to their increasing popularity, cork tiles are very commonly being used in the side panels for kitchens, toilets, etc. In addition, their unmatched combination of warmth and style makes them suitable for accent walls, front panels, tabletops, etc.

Being available at dirt-cheap prices is just like a cherry on top.

  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC is a lightweight alternative to traditional concrete. AAC is a foam concrete material most commonly used for preparing masonry blocks.

With great insulation, soundproofing, and competitive pricing benefits, AAC is undoubtedly the master of all trades for construction materials.

Affordable Construction At Your Fingertips

With an unprecedented price rise hitting the construction market lately, finding affordable raw material won't be an easy job. Growing demand sustained shortages and the post-covid market space’s unpredictability just adds to the misery.

So, along with finding a reliable and budget-friendly supplier, it's equally important to explore unconventional material options too.


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