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The adverse weather elements can never damage a structure built with Konark Cement. This cement makes the construction more durable and stronger. To maintain quality in every step of construction, you may rely on Konark Cement. Use the cement for foundation, roofing, beams, columns, brickwork, and plastering.
₹ 345.00
Dalmia DSP Cement is a specialised, best - in-class product formulated particularly for concrete applications -foundation, column & slab requiring high strength. It's unique product composition of High Reactive Silica with Micro Fine Particles helps in giving you a rock strong & durable home for decades to come.
₹ 380.00
Dalmia Cement is produced in advanced manufacturing plants using high-grade Portiand cement clinkers, along with high-purity gypsum, silica-rich slag, and highly-reactive fy-ash. The presence of high-quality material helps in providing high early and long-term compressive strength gain, resulting in a stronger construction.
₹ 355.00